Sunday, January 1, 2012

Getting right for the new year

It's a new year, and many people have chosen to make new year resolutions such as; a better body, clothes, a better car, but what about better hair? You hair is a part of one's appearance, so why not make a resolution to have better hair? Here are a few tips to get you into gear.

1. Start off with a fresh trim

Dry and split ends can hinder the health of your hair. Getting rid of dry, split and ragged ends will not only make your hair look better, but it will rejuvenate the overall heath of your hair. It also makes detangling and styling easier.

2. Evaluate your beauty products.

Get rid of any hair products that contain the following; sulfates, parabens, petroleum oil, and mineral oil. Although some people claim that these products do not hurt the hair, they certainly don't help your hair! Getting rid of products such as these can save you from hair difficulties.

3. Invest in natural/organic and quality hair products.

Organic/Natural hair products can work wonders on the hair, this is natural/organic products focus upon nourishing the hair, not just styling it.

Quality products, such as professional salon brands are also help your hair become more manageable and achieve better results when styling your hair. Take the time and do some research to find out which products are best for you.

If you are on a budget, you can make your on home made products, there are many websites and books that contain recipes which can get you started.

4. Maintain the proper moisture and protein balance for your hair.

This takes practice and observation of your hair. Hair that does contain the proper balance can lead to breakage. Remember that hair that's too dry needs moisture, and hair that's too mushy, or easy to break needs moisture. Look for products that are specifically labeled "moisture" or "protein" to assist you in making and keeping this balance. Alternate between both moisture and protein is a good start.

5. Deep condition at least once a week.

This can make a world of difference in regards to hair health an style. Deep conditioning adds strength, suppleness, and overall beauty to the hair.

6. Take a multi vitamin.

Taking a multi vitamin will give your hair a much needed boost in the health of your hair. Taking a vitamin specifically for the growth and nourishment of your hair is recommended.

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