Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Curly Hair Solutions Line

Curly Hair Solutions is a product line designed and dedicated to styling and maintaining curly hair.
They have a curl kit for every curl pattern according to the tightness of the curl; loose curl, medium curl, and tight curl. The two best things about this product line is that it's silicone free, and it's focused on curl definition.

My curl pattern is considered to be a 3c, so I used the tight curl kit. The following is a summary review of the best products within the tight curl kit.

The Curl Keeper

The Curl Keeper's purpose is to block frizz while keeping your curly style intact. It's very light, and is best used on wet hair. What I like best  about this product is that it rinses clean, which is a major plus! It does exactly as it claims. It's also very light and does not weight the hair down. A great choice for those with thin or fine hair. It's also good for those who are trying to achieve a light, bouncy finish to your curls. It's considered pricey, $9.99  for 3.38oz/100mL, but if you use styling products on a daily basis it's worth the investment.

Pure Silk Protein Moisturizing Deep Treatment

 The Pure Silk Moisturizing Deep Treatment is a deep protein treatment. It's best to use this when your curls have that mushy stringy feeling or it just needs a boost of protein. It's thick texture coats curls, and once it's rinsed out it leaves your hair feeling strong. If your hair is protein sensitive, follow up with a rinse out conditioner that contains moisture.

Silk Leave-In Conditioner

The Silk Leave-In Conditioner is a lightweight leave in that adds softness and shine. It left my curls well defined, shiny, smooth and strong. This is ideal for those whose hair doesn't mind light daily protein.

In conclusion, The Curly Hair Solution Line is a good choice for those who are seeking shine, strength, and curl definition. It's on the higher end of the price bracket, but the products listed here do an exceptional job of maintaining curly hair.

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  1. Hmm awesome! I love finding out about new products for my curly hair. Mines all weird from dying and processing and what not so there are straigt, curly and wavy strands, it'd be nice to get an all over texture and hold