Thursday, September 15, 2011

Adding Oil to your conditioner

If your hair has issues with dryness, dullness and tangles? A basic two-step procedure can help you nurse your hair back to health. How to do this you ask? Adding oil to your conditioner! Many conditioners contain small amounts of oil in their list of ingredients, but sometimes it's best to add your oil yourself in order to achieve the full benefits and effects that the natural oil has to offer such as these;

* adding strength
* detangle curls and knots
* adding shine
* locking in moisture
* adds softness

Quick Tip: Don't have time to deep condition? Adding oil to your rinse out conditioner uprgrades your conditioning session.

The simple steps are the following:

On wet hair:

1) After you have shampooed your hair, section your hair down the middle, (four sections for long and/or thick hair) and apply your conditioner as you do normally.

2) Then apply a layer of oil upon each condtioned section.

3) Comb through with either a detangling comb, or you fingers, let it sit for at least 2 minutes and rinse.

Note: To avoid greasy hair, use this conditioner/oil ratio :

If your hair is in 2 sections, start with  a quarter sized amount of oil to your hair.

If your hair is in 4 sections, start with a nickel sized amount of oil to your hair.

I do not recommend adding oil to the entire bottle of conditioner, because overtime, oil can go bad.

These simple steps will give your hair added strength and shine.

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