Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Importance of a Reconstructor

Many of us, especially those who chemically treat their hair with relaxer, color, and heat have had to deal with one of the scariest words in the hair care vocabulary; DAMAGE! Damaged hair can show itself in many ways; breaking hair, brittle, shedding, and split ends. If this sounds like your hair, listen up! Here is the road to recovery..

If you know your hair is damaged, it's best to use a reconstructor.

What is a Recontructor?
A reconstructor is a product that helps repair and bring the hair to a better state of health.

Who needs a Reconstructor?
Women who relax, color, or use direct heat on their hair use this method to deter the chance of hair damage. Reconstructors strengthen the hair, this is why they are so important for those who constantly manipulate their hair. Those whose hair is not chemically processed, but manipulate their hair everyday, with brushes, combs can benefit from a light reconstuctor.

How often do you use a Reconstructor?
This depends on how damaged your hair is.

*If your hair is extremely damaged (such as hair breaking off to the touch, mass amounts of hair in your comb or brush, hair that looks like straw); once a week.

*For moderately damaged hair, apply reconstructor once every 2 weeks.

* Slightly damaged hair, once a month, or every 2 weeks.

*If you are using heat more then once a week, relaxed or natural, you should probably use reconstructor.

* Those who are not relaxed, but manipulate their hair on a regular basis (brushing, combing, using heat) could use a reconstructor about every six weeks.

IMPORTANT: After using and washing out the reconstuctor, you MUST deep condition immediately with a moisturizing deep conditioner.

Here are some examples of some good reconstructors from:

Nexxus Emergencee Polymeric Reconstructor

Best for hair that is:

*extremely damaged

*color treated

* heat damaged

* over processed

* severely breaking

*severely shedding

*extremely brittle


Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor

Best for hair that is:

* moderately damaged

* exposed to regular heat

* relaxed

* color treated

* breaking and/or shedding


Rusk Calm Guarana & Ginger 60 Second Hair Revive

Best for hair that is:

* normal

* manipulated everyday by brushes and combs

* hair that feels "rough" to the touch




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