Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Top Ten Don'ts of Biracial Hair Care

The following is a list of what NOT to do to your hair, In many situations such as special occasions or a busy schedule, you might just do some of the things on this list. Your hair, regardless of it's texture or process, is fragile and will split and break if it is not treated with care. If you avoid or decrease these practices your hair will definitely thank you.

1. Don't use direct heat excessively!

Blow dryers, flatirons, hot combs and curling irons are all sources of direct heat. This not only dries the hair out, but it can cause split ends or heat damage. Hair that has been severely damaged by heat usually cannot fixed, and ends up having to be CUT OFF! Letting you hair air dry is best!

If you absolutely must use heat appliances on your hair, limit it to once a week. Always use a heat protectant before apply any heat to your hair.

NOTE: Stay away from hot combs at all costs!

2. Don't use small combs

Small combs tend to sang the hair and cause split ends. The only time you should use a small comb is to make a part in your hair, and the hair should be completely saturated with conditioner before the comb even touches your scalp. Use a wide toothed comb on your hair instead.

3.  Don't go to sleep with your hair down.

Going to sleep with your hair down causes unnecessary friction and tangles to the hair. Before going to bed, put your hair in a braid, twist, or bun to reduce unwanted snarls and tangles.

4. Don't comb your hair, beginning at the roots.

NEVER start at the roots when combing your hair! In order to reduce tearing the hair, comb your hair starting and the ends first , then slowly work your way upto the roots. This will help you reduce frizz, split ends, and excessive damage.

5. Don't use hair spray, mousse and gel that contain vast amounts of alcohol.

Hair spray should be reserved for special occasions only, everyday use of hair spray will dry your hair out and cause build up. Mousse should be avoided because of the alcohol it contains which is also drying. If you must use gel, it's best to use Aloe Vera gel, or a gel that's organic.

6. Don't  Comb curls when the are dry

NEVER put a comb to your curls when dry, this leads to unwanted frizz, snags, and potentially serious damage!
Always make sure your hair is wet or thoroughly damp AND apply detangler or leave-in conditioner before combing your curls.

7.  Don't let your hair "dry-out".

If you hair becomes dry and parched, it is more prone to breakage. If your hair is naturally curly; spritz your hair the water then add moisturizer, then seal the ends with oil. If your hair is relaxed or naturally straight, lightly apply moisturizer, then a few drops of oil on the length and ends of your hair to seal in the moisturizer.

8. Don't brush wet hair!

Unless it's a Denman detangling brush or paddle brush, do not brush your hair when it's wet. This will cause weakening and breakage to you hair.

9. Don't use shampoo that contain sulfates.

This can make the hair and scalp dry, and lead to breakage when choosing a shampoo purchase one the clearly says "no sulfates" on the bottle.

10. Don't apply multiple chemical processes to your hair.

If you choose to process your hair by either relaxing it or coloring it, It's best just to use one process only. If you're hair is relaxed, it's best not to use permanent hair color, use a temporary color rinse instead. Keeping relaxed and dyed hair healthy is practically a science, so it's best just to choose one or the other.

Remember that preventing hair damage is a lot easier than trying to repair it! The further away you are for committing these hair dont's, is the closer you are to longer, stronger, and more beautiful looking hair!

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