Friday, August 12, 2011

The tools you need to succeed

Curly hair is like no other hair type, for your to thrive they need the proper tools to lessen matting, tangles, and the like.  To achieve the best style and manageability, you must be equipped to build a proper foundation for your curls.  Would you try to build a building without the proper tools? Of course not ! So lets start from scratch and examine the tools you will need to mold the beautiful sculpture that is your curls!  Before you touch your hair, decide what tools you will use to on your hair.

Description from left to right:
The purple comb is a Conair shower comb, it's seamless meaning it contains no ridges which increases curl protection by preventing snags or split ends. This comb is best used when distributing conditioner throughout the hair. These combs are also budget-friendly, ranging between $2 -$3 dollars.

The brown comb is also a shower comb, and is designed especially for tangles. This comb works best for extreme tangles, knots, and matted hair. Accompanied with patience, care, and a ample amount of conditioner, this comb will assist you with your most stubborn tangles. It is also a budget-friendly choice starting at $3 dollars.

The black and red comb is called a Denman D3 styling brush. I am usually one to "just say no" to any brush of any kind, but the Denman is the ONLY and a repeat ONLY exception. This brush is a good detangling tool if used properly. Note: I only use this when my hair is SOAKING WET, due to prevent hair breakage. The price range of this brush starts at $10 or more depending where you purchase it.

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