Saturday, August 13, 2011


What exactly is cowashing? Cowashing aka no-pooing is simply using conditioner instead of shampoo. This is great for those who prefer to wash the hair more than once a week, especially great for those who like to shampoo everyday! There are many benefits to be had if you decide to cowash.

*reduces the amount of tangles
* keeps hair soft and manageable
*keep hair moisturized.

When I cowash my hair, I simply to the following:

1. Rinse my hair in the shower until it is completely soaked

2. Part my hair down the middle, and slather conditioner from root to tip

3. Comb through, and rinse out. 

Some people use conditioner specified for cowashing, but others just use whatever conditioner the like.

The cleansing conditioners I like best for cowashing are the following:

*DevaCurl No poo clenasing conditioner

*Hair One Olive Oil for dry Hair cleanser and conditioner

* Avalon Lemon Clarifying Conditioner

Remember, you don't have to use a conditioner specified for cowashing, just use any conditioner that makes your hair feel nice!

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