Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Back to School Basics of Hair

It's about that time again, back to school! everyone is anticipating the new school year. Most likely, you are going through a checklist of things that you or your little one might need in order to start the school year; pencils, pens, are paper are probably the first thing that comes to mind, and hair is probably placed much further down the list.
Having a good breakfast, having your homework done, and making to school on time are the main priorities when it comes to school. Doing your hair the night before can help reduce the morning rush drastically! Follow these simple steps and your hair can look freshly done in half the time! Instead of ripping through your hair and running out of the door follow this method.

1. Wash or cowash your hair the night before:

This way you will have an ample amount of time to care for your curls, when we are in a rush to do our hair, the hair tends to suffer from it; tearing through tangles, piling on excessive amounts of hair products, and tying up the hair way too tight causes unnecessary damage.

* Remember: If you're using shampoo, use it on the scalp ONLY! Don't forget to deep condition!

2. Part your hair in sections and apply leave-in conditioner and/or moisturizer from root to tip, then comb through.

 This will ensure that your hair will be moisturized and deter dryness and frizz. If you have a Denman brush now would be the perfect time time use it! If you don't have a Denman brush, a paddle brush should do the trick.

Remember: Only comb your hair is wet AND fully saturated with conditioner/leave-in/moisturizer

Optional: After applying leave in conditioner  I like to apply Aloe vera gel to each section for maximum style and curl definition!

3. Seal those ends!

    Applying oil to the ends of your hair will ensure that the moisture stays in your hair.

4. Part it & Braid or Twist it !

It doesn't need to be elaborate, any  regular braid or twist will do, just make sure you secure the ends!

                                                                      Click on picture to enlarge

5. Pin it up!

Pinning up the braids or twists help elongate your the curl/wave pattern. I use a crossing pattern by taking the left braid, and pinning it up behind my right ear, and pinning my right braid behind my left ear. I secure both braids in place with a bobby pin.

Optional: Wrapping the hair in a satin scarf helps keeps the hair in place while you sleep, some people cannot sleep well with anything on their head, but if you can it is highly recommended!

In the morning, simply unravel you braids/twists, lightly apply your styling products of choice and you're done!

If tackling your hair is on your morning checklist, you can now say mission: accomplished!

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